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The only Engineering Information Management System that's made solely for hardware projects

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Lower your costs, reduce delays and keep your engineers happier by developing agile

illustration single source of truth

Single Source of Truth

Create a collaborative virtual model of your product and enable dependent teams to move as one towards achieving project timelines and budgets.

Fast Design Iterations

Valispace’s proprietary Calculation Engine enables the propagation of design changes to all affected engineers. The simulated product properties are verified automatically against requirements and dynamic documentation is updated in real-time.

illustration fast design iterations
illustration design tradeoffs

Transparent Design Trade-offs

Compare design alternatives and immediately see how each one impacts the overall system design.

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Free consultancy on best practices (tool & process) for agile development


Connect existing calculation & simulation tools


Seamless implementation in parallel to running project


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What People Say About Valispace

"We see Valispace as the first major step into digitizing our entire engineering toolchain. By the end of that activity, we believe we will easily save 30% of or time, or even more." - Jeroen Buursink, Chief Engineer at OHB Luxspace“Valispace has become the reference for all technical data for the complete mission. We are able to clearly track on a daily basis the current design status."

Jeroen ​​Buursink
Head of Microsatellite Department at OHB LuxSpace

"Bringing great products fast to market is our priority. To succeed we pick the best people and tools; and for engineering data Valispace is the best the market has to offer.“

Ricardo Lopez
Founder Bellwether
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